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Eastlawn Elementary School

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About Us

About Eastlawn Elementary School

Ms. Beth Varnes is the principal of Eastlawn Elementary, a TITLE 1 school. Eastlawn Elementary, a PreK-4 school, has an enrollment of about 326 students. Our student body consists of 40.7% White, 40.1% Black, 18% Hispanic, and 0.09% Asian and Native American children. Eastlawn has the following grade level sections: 4th grade - 3, 3rd grade - 3, 2nd grade - 3, 1st grade - 3, Kindergarten - 3, Pre-K - 1, SSC - 2. It also provides Music, Physical Education, Library, Computer Lab, and Art Skills. A Special Education and Gifted (IDEAS) program is provided for our students who qualify. We also offer after school programs such as Crazy 8's, Student Council, Honor Choir, IChoose 4th Grade Leadership program, and Positive Paths.  

Mission Statement
Eastlawn's Mission Statement: Our mission at Eastlawn is to provide a learning environment in which every child develops skills in reading, writing, thinking and calculating and the arts to his/her ultimate potential which provide a base for developing values, life skills, and creativity necessary for a successive, productive life.

District's Mission Statement: Educating tomorrow's college and career ready students in our inclusive innovation nation.

7:00 AM
Free Breakfast to all students!


DISMISSAL Time:  2:45 PM

Phone - 228-938-6431